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(Bitdefender Business Solutions 3.5)
"We liked this product’s ability to install anti-virus and security software across the network, even on unmanaged computers where there isn’t an installation of Active Directory. Also Bitdefender’s approach is two-fer: it is targeting SMBs with this product but also has begun engaging VARs more aggressively. It’s a good product with channel opportunity".
(Bitdefender Client Security 3.1.9, Bitdefender Security for File Servers 3.5, Bitdefender Security for Samba 3.1.2)
Virus Bulletin awarded VB100 for Bitdefender Security for File Servers 3.5 in October 2011. In December 2010 Bitdefender Client Security 3.1.9 received VB100 award and in February 2011 Bitdefender Security for Samba 3.1.2 received VB100 award by obtaining the highest final score followed by a consecutive award also in February 2012.
AV-COMPARATIVES – APPROVED Corporate Product 2011
(Bitdefender Client Security 3.5, Bitdefender Security for File Servers 3.5, Bitdefender Security for Exchange 3.5)
(Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers 3.0.2)
The report in July 2011 concluded “Bitdefender’s anti-spam solution continues to be the only product to have won a VBSpam award in all 14 of our tests. Thanks in part to a total lack of false positives, the product achieved this month’s second highest final score.” After the test in March 2012 Bitdefender has won total of 18 VBSpam awards in row.
TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award
(Bitdefender Small Office Security)
Bitdefender Small Office Security is one of the best small business antivirus products and winner of TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award.
TopTenReviews Gold Award
(Bitdefender SBS Security)
Bitdefender Small Business Pack is the best. It is available in convenient bundles and it performs well.

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